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  • Every device that you rent is tested and reinstalled before delivery.
  • When choosing desktops or laptops you’re given the choice between Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 Professional of Windows 10 Professional. Apple products will always have the latest IOS.
  • Additional software licences like Microsoft Office are available in different versions and languages.
  • Laptops are delivered in a laptop bag with an adapter and a wired USB-mouse.
  • You are free to install software, create users or configure them as you wish because you receive full administrator rights on all of our devices. There’s only one but, you’re not allowed to activate passwords in the BIOS.
  • The same counts for Apple or Android or Windows tablets. You can use your personal account (Apple ID, Google Play..) to install apps. But keep in mind to deactivate your personal account, otherwise we’re not able to reset the devices.
  • When renting servers or storage, every part is assembled and tested by specialized engineers. We are even able to pre-configure a specific RAID on demand. Windows Server could be rented as an option as well.



  • All of our rental products are packed in a secure way in order to prevent damages during transportation. These packages could consist of carrying bags, packaging boxes or even plastic containers.
  • You are in no way allowed to throw away or damage these packages. At the end of the rental period you should restore the rental products in their original packaging in order to ensure a safe trip back to our warehouse.


  • During office hours you can contact our IT1 helpdesk ( or +3252202060).
  • Our helpdesk employees could provide support by telephone or take over your screen trough TeamViewer.
  • When a device is not working properly or not even working at all, a spare device is brought to you the next business day. Additional SLA upgrades (14/5 or 24/7) are available.
    We can even provide on-site permanence by a professional IT-engineer, to ensure nothing goes wrong at your event.
  • When renting more than 10 laptops, desktops or tablets we always provide a FREE spare device to help you out even faster.


Optional services:


  • You are free to pick up and return the rented goods yourself at our local warehouse in Dendermonde.
  • We could also provide transportation (transport insurance included). In that way you are absolutely sure that the rented goods are being transported in a safe and secure way and delivered on time.
  • We deliver de rented goods one business day before the start of the rental period and we will pick them back up one business day after the rental period. For those two days you will not be charged any rental cost.


Installation on-site:

  • We are able to provide installation on-site. Complex installations are carried out by experienced senior system engineers. For more simple installations we also have junior system engineers who work at a lower tariff.



  • IT1 makes use of an imaging system in order to be able to install a larg numbers of laptops or desktops.
  • In this way we offer you the possibility to pre-install your software, data or specific settings. We pre-install one device and “clone” it to all your other devices.


Certified whiping:

  • In times of GDPR-legislation it is extremely important to makes sure that personal data doesn’t get in the wrong hands.    
  • We can offer a “certified whiping” of all the rented devices where you will get an official certificate that all of your data was being erased securely.


What to do at the end of the rental 

Prolong the rental period:

  • When you need to rent the goods longer than expected, IT1 offers you the possibility to prolong the rental period.
  • You are able to prolong for as short as 1 day.
  • On top, you will get a discount on the rental tariff when the new rental period is longer than the initial rental period.


Buying the rented goods:

  • Even if your need for the rented goods seems permanent, this is no problem at all. On your request we make you an offer to buy these goods with possible service contracts. 


Picking-up or returning the rented goods:

  • If you do not wish to prolong the rental period or when a date for pick-up is already discussed, we make sure that the rented goods are picked up one business day after the rental period.
  • When the goods are back in back in our warehouse they are always checked and re-installed. You are free to erase your data and/or programs at the end of the rental period, but that’s not mandatory.